Nature connection on Exmoor

Tracking Pathfinder Course 

This two day tracking course is aimed at those who want to take their tracking further. It builds on, and expands, the skill set learnt on the Footsteps course.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be taken away by you from this particular tracking course.

Tracking Course Agenda

Find out how to pick up the trail after having lost the 'spoor'.

Hone your skills to identify prints, different kinds of spoor, and the compression shapes of different animals.

Practice closing the time-distance gap with some 'real' scenarios.

Further reduce your concentric circles and become part of the landscape and nearly invisible.

Begin learning the language of birds - this is not Dr. Doolittle though!

Track on more difficult substrates like pine needles.

Follow an animal trail, step by step for a distance.

Push yourself and your skills with this more challenging course.

Perfect the powerful ‘zone-in’ technique that will tune you into nature’s baseline.

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