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the Tracking Courses & Bushcraft Courses run by Tracks4Life 

Tracks4Life is a school offering Nature Connection workshops and journeys, tracking courses and ancient skills and bushcraft days based within Exmoor National Park, UK. An area of great beauty and outstanding wildlife. Tracks4life's founder and principal tracking instructor is Jonathan Simons an ecologist, birdwatcher, bushcrafter, writer and tracker with over 20 years field experience. In 2011 he was joined in the business by his wife Ros Simons.

Tracking courses and bushcraft courses/survival courses with Jonathan Simons from Tracks4Life Jonathan is very passionate about wildlife tracking and people tracking and served a 5 year apprenticeship under the tutelage of Ian 'Max' Maxwell of the Shadowhawk Tracker School, ultimately working as an instructor there. He has tracked animals and people in many areas from Portugal to Poland and from the USA to Africa. Jonathan has also been awarded Advanced tracking certificates in temperate and semi-arid climates as well as Tactical Tracking Level 1. He has also trainied with Jon Young and Anna Breytenbach in Spirit Tracking and Animal Communication.

This passion for nature and the outdoors went to degree level, obtaining a BSC (Hons) in Biology (Ecology) and later an MPhil in avian/aircraft interactions at Cardiff University. Jonathan Simons has worked extensively within the nature conservation arena, undertaking survey and research work, both at home and abroad, with extensive bush living expeditions in South America and the West Indies.

He has been a regular writer of articles on tracking for Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine, often appears on BBC Radio Somerset and is working on a number of television and DVD projects. Currently Jonathan is working in collaboration with Jon Young and others on gathering European based Bird Language examples as research for future projects.

Ros Simons has been a bodywork therapist for over 30 years and .......biog here Ros also underwent training over 2 years with Shadowhawk and is certified up to Advanced Tracking in temperate climates.

Ros and Jonathan are also both involved with the Art of Mentoring organisation in the UK having attended the Community village training camps for two years and working with their regional grooup in the South West promoting The AoM model of life, love, nature connection and cultural repair.

Through the experiential courses and activities provided by Tracks4life, Jonathan and Ros Simons not only offer fantastic days out building a toolkit of skills to carry you deeper into the natural world, but much more than that through nature, nurture and spirituality they help you to slow down, pause and look at your life from a new perspective.



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