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.These are some of the questions we are most frequently asked.  Please look through these FAQ's and the rest of the site before calling us. We are more than happy to try and answer any question you have about our courses or us.



Are the courses hard? 

Our courses are not holidays, nor are they run like military boot camps.  A reasonable level of fitness is required as we will be walking over uneven terrain, camping and working at various skills which require some effort.

Will I have to kill anything? 

We do not capture or kill any animals on our standard courses.  Some courses may have an element of game preparation to them and some courses may cover trapping techniques.

What do I need to do in order to book? 

Follow the Booking Form link or use the Quick Links section to the right of this column.  Download the booking form, read the Terms & Conditions, fill out the forms and post them back to Tracks4life with a cheque  As easy as that!

Do I need previous experience? 

In short, no.  If you enjoy the outdoor experience and are willing to learn then these are the only prerequisites.  More advanced courses will need previous experience; please see the individual course details for further guidance.

Is it safe? 

It is an inevitability of life that accidents can and will happen.  We operate our courses in the safest way possible but you will be using sharp tools, walking over uneven terrain and generally being outdoors all of which have there own inherent risks.  Our instructors are qualified First Aiders.


Camping and cooking

What about food? 

All of our courses are self catering. We will have a fire on the go all the time and the kettle will be on the boil!  Due to the difficulties of complying with food hygiene standards in the outdoors it is very difficult for us to offer catering.  We do however recommend the use of army ration packs as they are very good value and surprisingly tasty.  These can be provided at cost if booked in advance.

Where do I sleep? 

You are welcome to bring a tent, hammock, basha or bivvi bag for shelter.  You will have to carry your own gear to the camp site so please don't go too mad with your kit.

Can I bring alcohol? 

Alcohol is strictly forbidden for the obvious health and safety reasons.  Alcohol and sharp tools tend not to mix all that well!  There is a great pub nearby which can fulfil those needs at the end of a course.



Where can I safely park my car? 

Am I too old or too unfit? 

The minimum, unaccompanied, age is 18 years old (or 12 if with parent or guardian) and there is no upper limit.  As long as you are fit enough to take part and have the right attitude then there is no reason why you should not take part.

What about bad weather? 

Only the most extreme weather conditions will stop a course (please see Terms & Conditions).  Poor weather adds more of a challenge to the skills being taught and can make for a more rewarding experience.  So be prepared for the great British Weather.

Where and when do we meet? 

Can I use my mobile phone when on a course? 

We are all leading busy lives and often we need to be in contact with the outside world.  We understand this need and accept that mobile phones are often a necessity.  However, we would ask that calls are kept as discreet as possible.

I have an axe/knife, can I bring it? 

Axes must not be used at any time unless express permission is obtained from the instructor leading the course.  The use of your own knife will also be at the discretion of the instructor.  It will depend upon the condition, suitability etc  of the knife.

Are you VAT registered?  

Tracks4life is currently not VAT registered.  All posted prices include VAT.


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