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Tracking is deep rooted within all of us. Most of us would notice if something had been moved in our own homes without our knowledge. Tracking is seeing how things have moved in nature. We all possess the skills to become a tracker and you certainly don't need to be a Native American or a Bushman to learn these skills!

If you are starting out on your tracking adventure then you may be interested in our 'starter' course - Tracking Footsteps.

If you are already well on the way then the Tracking Pathfinder is the course for you!

2 day - introductory level tracking course - cost £160

2 day - intermediate level tracking course - cost £180

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Nature Connection

The many conveniences and comforts of our materialist way of life shield us from contact with the outdoors, and erode our sense of the natural world and our understanding of it.

But there is a growing awareness that relationship and connection with nature is vital to a sense of fulfilment and harmony, for individuals and also for society as a whole.

Ros believes that the wisdom of the natural world around us can be incorporated into our everyday lives and that by taking daily doses of nature connection we can begin to heal the effects of our hectic and stressful lives. From nature we can learn how to balance opposing forces both within ourselves and in the world around us.

1 day - nature connection - cost £45

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Introduction to Tree Spirits - cost £40

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Celtic Tree Journey - cost £545

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Ancient Skills (Bushcraft)

Ancients skills and crafts are woven into the underlying fabric of all our workshops, courses and journeys as they are deeply embeded in maintaining balance with the natural world.

Our specialist days allow for a deeper practice of these skills and also look at their incorporation into elemental ceremony.

We also offer unique opportunities to craft your own ceremonial tools such as rattles and drums both as one to one and small groups working with localy and ethically sourced materials.

Introduction to ancient skills and bushcraft day - cost £60

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Drum birthing day - cost from £175.00

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At Tracks4life the majority of our 2 day courses are run from a base camp with all the time being spent outdoors. A reasonable level of fitness is required, some camps require you to make short walks over uneven terrain.

For a weekend course, the course will start at 7pm on the Friday and finish around 3pm on the Sunday. Our day courses run from 10am until 4.30pm.

We can offer tailor-made activities for your group (minimum of 4 required), do call us to discuss how we can create your perfect experience.  Bespoke courses carry a £20 per person supplement.

Please note that all camp based Tracks4life courses are self catering - however tea, coffee and hot water will be available 24/7 in camp. For catering arrangements for other courses please see the course details.


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