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.If you are interested in tracking or things relating to tracking then this is a good place to start. This page has information on tracking books, some interesting tracking websites and anything else tracking related that I can think of putting here. I hoping that this page will provide lots of information for people interested in tracking.

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Tracking links (no particular order)

Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den

Combat tracking (mantracking)

Will's Skull page

Tracking Books

Animal tracks ID and techniques – Ian Maxwell, Flamelily Press, ISBN 978-0-9554348-0-8

Animal tracks and signs – Bang and Dahlstrøm, Oxford Natural History, ISBN 0-19-850796-8

Animal tracks, trails and signs – R.W. Brown, M.J. Lawrence, J. Pope, 2004, Bounty Books,
ISBN 0-7537-0955-4

Tactical Tracking Operations – David Scott-Donellan, Palladin Press, ISBN 1-58160-003-8

Animal tracking basics – Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan, Stackpole books, ISBN 978-0-8117-3326-7

Tracks and signs of the birds of Britain and Europe – Roy Brown, John Ferguson, Michael Lawrence and David Lees, Helm Identification Guides, ISBN 0-7136-5208-X

Tom Brown’s field guide to nature observation and tracking – Tom Brown Jr, Berkley Books,
ISBN 0-425-09966-0

The science and art of tracking – Tom Brown Jr, Berkley Books, ISBN 0-425-15772-5

The complete guide to tracking – Bob Carrs, Constable and Company Ltd, ISBN 0-094-79560-6

British animal tracks – J.S.R. Chard, C Arthur Pearson Ltd., 1936 (reprinted by Lightning Source UK Ltd), ISBN 978-140679-770-1

Tracking: signs of man, signs of hope – David Diaz. The Lyons press, ISBN 1-59228-686-0

A guide to British Mammal tracks and signs – Field studies Council

Tracking: A blueprint for learning how – Jack Kearney, Pathways Press

Simon King’s Wildguide – Simon King, BBC books, ISBN 0-563-36496-3

The art of tracking; The origin of science – Louis Liebenberg, David Phillip Publishers ISBN 0-86486-293-8

Hunters and trackers - Pat Lowe, Rosenberg Publishing,ISBN 1-877058-02-5

Tracking and the art of seeing – Paul Rezendes, Harper Collins, ISBN 0-06-273524-1

Mantracking: Introduction to the step by step method – Roland Robbins, Search and rescue magazine

Mammal detective – Rob Strachan, Whittet Books, ISBN 1-873580-20-7

'Gilcraft': Training in tracking 1927-1944, C Arthur Pearson Ltd

Footwear Impression Evidence - William J Bodziak, 2000, CRC Press

Tracker - Joel Hardin, J Hardin Inc Publishing

Fundamentals of mantracking - Albert Taylor and Donad C Cooper, Emergency Response Institute

Animal Tracks - Miroslav Bouchner, 1990, Blitz Editions


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