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Tracking Footsteps Course 

For me, being unable to track is like going to a foreign library where you can see the books, look at the pictures and words but not understand any of it.

This two day tracking course is aimed at those who want to start on their tracking vocabulary. It is an introduction to the skills and techniques used by trackers and, as such, no previous experience is needed. So, whether you are interested in animal tracking or even mantracking, this course will give you a solid foundation in those skills that will make a walk in the woods that much more interesting!

There is a wealth of knowledge to be taken away by you from this particular tracking course making this remarkable value for money.

Tracking Course Agenda

Learn about the history of tracking and why tracking is still relevant today.

Discover how to identify prints, different kinds of spoor, and the compression shapes of different animals, and also discover how to work out how the animal was moving, at what speed, and perhaps even what it was thinking.

Learn tracking terminology so you can understand and be understood when tracking with others.

Study animal and human behaviour to better understand how to track your subject.

Find out how to use a tracking stick and other tracker tools such as mirrors, etc.

Stalking techniques - learn how to move silently and invisibly to get up close and personal with the animals you are tracking.

Be taught the art of camouflage and learn how to use and adapt to your natural surroundings in order to disappear into the shadows.

Learn how to track at night.

Understand how to age tracks using a variety of methods.

Be taught the powerful ‘zone-in’ technique that will tune you into nature’s baseline. You will experience heightened senses and an incredible state of awareness – essential for becoming a great tracker. This in itself could change your life!

Anyone can become a tracker. A bold statement but one that I think is true. You don't need to have special chemicals in your eyes, or have superpowers (as nice as that would be!), or come from a long line of native trackers, in order to be a tracker. By the end of the tracking course you'll have to agree when we say "everyone is already a tracker, they just don't know it yet".

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