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Drum Birthing Days

We were all born with a personal drum – our own heartbeat.

We hear the heartbeat of our mother in her womb, and the drum’s beat is the heartbeat of the Great Mother held in your hands.

Thoughout history the heatbeat of the drum has been used in personal and healing ceremonies, for journey work and celebrations. The sound of the drum reconnects us to the hearbeat of our Earth Mother and our oneness with all.

The tradition of drum birthing has been handed down person to person since ancient times. You will be birthing a personal ceremonial tool crafted with carefully sourced materials which, by the end of 2013, we hope to be preparing and making ourselves on Exmoor.
We will work with a frame of Ash and with British deer rawhide, other woods and hides are occasionally available so please call Ros to discuss your requirements.

“ The Tree birthed the drum so that we and spirit could talk with common tongue”
E Bonnie Devlin - Huntogi Drum Master

Drum Birthing

Your drum birthing day will be a day of ceremony and gratitude, working in sacred space and connecting to the tree and animal spirits who have come together with you to create your drum

You will prepare the frame and decorate it with dyes and oils and paints in your own unique design.

We will labour together with laughter and joy, there may be tears too that need to be woven into this mirror of you. So we will dream into being this magical partner for the rest of your life, your own sacred spirit drum

To complete the bonding at the end of the day  I will take you on a guided journey to meet the spirit of your drum and we will bless the drum in a sacred ceremony as you take the first steps on your new path together.

The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life,
it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing - rooting ourselves into the earth.

Drum birthing days


14" Healing Drum (Ash Frame Deer Hide)


16" Healing Drum (Ash Frame Deer Hide)




16” Partnership Drum ( Ash Frame Deer Hide)


16” Partnership Drum ( Ash Frame Deer Hide)


(small groups up to 6 women)

12” Moon Drum (Ash Frame Red dyed Deer Hide)

(this lasts a day and night)


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