Nature connection on Exmoor

Nature Connection Days

Humans are part of nature, but few people in modern society really feel this connection

Through Connecting with nature we find a place where we belong and when we reawaken to the natural world we are nourished and in turn can seek ways to nourish our families, our communities and our planet.

Tracks4life offers a day gently waling in nature interspersed with simple excercises that will invite you to deepen your connection to the wider web of life. The days are fluid and evolve depending on the level of experience and curiosity of the group and may involve Nature awareness games with trees or getting down in the dirt to explore tracks and signs of our animal co-habitors passage.

A gentle walk will be interspersed with simple exercises that will invite you to deepen your connection with the wider web of life. It's also a great way of spending some quality time outdoors with like-minded people away from every day routine.

Nature Connection

Connect with yourself and the world around you.

Play some Nature awareness games to heighten your senses.

Meet some new trees and plants and get to understand their uses.

Find out how to blend in and see and hear more.

Do some simple tracking and learn easy ways to identify speicies.

For a fun day in nature look no further.

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