Nature connection on Exmoor

Welcome to Tracks4Life the home of Nature Connection Tracking and Ancient Bushcraft Skills on Exmoor 

Tracking, Bushcraft & Survival Courses Welcome to Tracks4life - Here you can explore our range of Nature Connection Workshops and Journeys, Our Tracking Courses and our Ancient Skills & Bushcraft Days where we have brought together our unique backgrounds and skills to offer you one of a kind experiences in the beautiful wild lands of Exmoor National Park.

In a world where we are increasingly alienated from the natural world and our own deepest nature - Tracks4Life, run by Jonathan and Ros Simons, offers a doorway back into the magical world of nature that exists all around us and also into our spirituality and the experience of our own nature deep within. Through workshops, ceremonies and courses Jon and Ros seek to remind us how time spent in nature can provide healing, wisdom, serenity and wholeness.

Whether you join us for a few hours or days or on one of our extended year long journeys Tracks4Life leads you along a path of discovery, remembering and immersion in the natural world. Expand your senses while learning to blend in with your environment and build a toolkit of techniques and skills to take back to your homes and lives.

"Your deepest roots are in nature.  No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation."  Charles Cook

At Tracks4Life we offer a varied and unique selection of courses including nature connection courses tracking courses, ancient skills & bushcraft courses designed to blend the best of our ancient and modern world's together, providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and gain a new perspective on the natural world


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